Fun in Charlottesville, VA

I took my family on a "little" trip to Charlottesville, VA. 
My best friend from high school lives there now. 
We got in the car at 6:20 Friday night...we arrived at their house at 2:30 Saturday morning. UGH!
EIGHT hours in a car with three teenagers!!! :)
Anyway, we got up the next morning and went to some soccer games.
Went back to the house for some breakfast and a run.
We went for a walk and a picnic around Charlottesville.
So cute.
My daughter is studying the Civil War in Social Studies so this was a PERFECT historical and educational visit.
We went out to dinner that night (sans kids) and had some wonderful food and adult conversation.
The next morning we got up and had a BIG breakfast a BIG lunch and a BIG dinner.
We had planned it that way. We were going to eat and watch football games ALL day! 
We did!
In between some football games we drove out to a local airport that has this amazing tree right by it. We got some family photos of my friends. 
The next morning (my 18th anniversary) we got their kids off to the bus stop, had a couple bagels, and headed out for our "little" return trip.
Eight hours in a car is a LONG time, but so worth it.


  1. Charlottesville is a wonderful city! It is a couple of hours away, and we love to go for a day trip. We took my cousins there when the leaves had changed to Monticello, and it was beautiful! So glad you enjoyed your trip!
    Reading Toward the Stars

  2. We drove 8 hours to Asheville. Glad you had fun! I need to check out Charlottesville


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