Third Day of School for me and my kids are off again

Our school district had a water main break. The high school and middle school had an "emergency day" Wednesday and Thursday. We, the elementary school, had to go in both days. I am glad they did this. 
Don't get me wrong, it would have been a nice surprise to have a day off, but I wouldn't have wanted to have the "first day of school" ALL over again!

I did make them a HUGE "TO DO" list for the day! :)

Look how excited these kids are to get into school!

All lined up and ready to let them off and running.

Looking at the "radical" display case.
The PTA copied and cut each of our faces out and put us on surf boards!
"Catch the Wave!"

And they're off!

Happy FRIDAY!!!
I am off for the weekend to run in the Dirty Girl Mud Run!
Woo HOOOO!!!!

I can't wait!

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