Monday, Meet the Teacher

I know it's not REALLY Monday. For me it is.
We start school today. 
So, REALLY it is a Monday :)

Open House Week

I am linking up with TBA for "Open House Week".

Monday is "Meet the Teacher" Day.

Here goes: I am a mother of three. Today begins my journey of all of them in high school: senior, sophomore, and eighth grader. Ummmm? When did this happen?
I have been married to my high school sweetheart...well, he dated one other girl and I dated many other boys after we broke up in tenth grade. (he didn't notice that I got my braces off! I had to break up with him!)
Anyway, we met back up at a swim meet in college. Ever since then... BLISS :)

I first started teaching at my own elementary school. I took over for my 6th grade teacher. That was kind of strange. I found some things in the classroom that I had worked on.
I taught there for two years and then we moved. I stayed home with my children until my youngest was in Kindergarten. I interviewed for a Reading Specialist, was offered a 2nd grade position, moved to 1st after two years, moved to 4th after three years, and then I finally got to make my own decision and I moved back to 1st. I have been here for three years now.

I am all about Responsive Classroom. It's what drives me: the way I talk, teach, and handle things in my classroom. I wouldn't be the teacher I am now if it weren't for my trusty RC instructor, Patrick.

I love using technology in the classroom. I have a SmartBoard, five student computers and my own laptop in my classroom. We have carts of iPads to use basically whenever we want. We are very lucky!

I like my classroom to be neat and tidy. I have done a lot of "weeding" this year. Who really needs those old mimeograph papers anyway? I am aging myself!

I would love to hear about you. Head on over and link up.


  1. Your blog is too cute! I am super jealous that you have ipads and a smart board! I feel like my class/school is stuck in the dark ages! I became your newest follower! I barely started a blog amonth ago so I am navigating the blogosphere and slowly learning!

    First Grade Crusade

  2. How nice to have all that technology in your classroom!!
    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  3. My first practicum was with my old grade six teacher. Weird, eh?
    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  4. That WOULD be interesting returning to your school to teach. I also can't believe you have a cart full of iPads for your class. That's so great!!

    Michaela :)

  5. I'd love to know what are your favorite apps for the ipad. We just received some in our first grade and need some ideas. Thanks!



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