Monday Made It!!! and...Giveaways, Holy Cow!


I won these from Miss Nelson!
I LOVE them. I have had so many compliments about it already. I keep sending people over to your store, Miss Nelson :)

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

My daughters painted this book shelf. I can't wait to put my things on it!

Sorry this is so dark.
It's my OWL welcome banner. Too cute! I put two green bows on the ends to tie it all together.

Fabric and duct tape. I have to show you the front too. I forgot to take a picture. 
So much better!


Frozen fruit, cake mix, diet sprite.
Abracadabra!!! Berry strudel. 

My dad came to help us with the chicken coop.
Their nesting boxes are so cool and EASY to clean!

We had to round them all up the first night. I am carrying four back to their house.


Miss Nelson has an amazing giveaway going on!
Go check it out!

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera


I really do NOT want to post about this giveaway.
But I must share Babara's AMAZING talent.

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  1. Thanks Beth Ann! You are so sweet to give me a shout out. Good Luck! I hope you win another prize. hehe


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