Another Day of Work!

Yesterday we had some great conversations.
We are meeting as K, 1, Reading Specialist, and Speech Therapist to learn more about the ISA approach.
I don't know about you, but I kind of want someone to put a program in my hands and say, "Work with this for awhile.". I would feel much better than having a process hashed out among us. 
What will work with our classes, What won't?
I know that's the easy way out, but there are so many things demanded from us this year. 
APPR, RTI, CCS...any other acronyms I have forgotten?
Don't get me wrong, I think the big picture of ALL of these is to benefit teachers and students. I am not sure the way it is being presented is the best.
I know in the end we will end up doing what is best for our students because that's what teachers do. 
We had some conversations about communication between the support staff and classroom teachers. I know that I need to work on this. We talked about having a binder to show what we are working on during the week. I think I will share my lesson plans with each of the support staff that works in my room. I do them on the computer so it won't be that hard. 
The thing that will be more difficult will be sharing Guided Reading plans.
Sometimes my Guided Reading plans change during the course of the lesson. 
I will have to be more focused with my plans this year. 
This will be beneficial to me. :)

One thing I wanted to ask you all...
What do you use for a Running Record Sheet?
We have been using the same one for years!
I am going to search today, but if you have one you'd like to share, I would appreciate it.

Off to "work"!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. My previous school used the Rigby running records, and they will be using the Fountas and Pinnell series as well this year. I'm not sure what my new school will be using. Good luck with your meetings!

    We are ALL Special!

  2. I do my running records on plain paper. I've been doing them for so long ... I don't work out all the formulas or anything anymore. I can get a really good idea where they're at just looking at all my ticks and notes. Plus it's super easy. Just jot down the title and off you go! My GR plans are pretty loose, too. Cause like you said, it often changes mid-stream, so I just go with what seems right at the moment. Good luck :)

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