May Song Freebie

I am having so much fun with my family and one of my TAs making up these songs. 
This one is a little tricky in the beginning. 
Make sure you sing "Old MacDonald" before you sing the May Song.

Click on the picture to download from Google Docs.
I will upload it later to my TpT store.

I hope you enjoy it!
May Day tomorrow.
What are you doing to celebrate? 
We are going to make flowers and put them on some unsuspecting teachers.

Have a wonderful day!!!


  1. I love your poem but is it missing a word in the third line?
    May is month...shouldn't it be May is the month...
    Just wondering.
    Thanks so much for sharing this with everyone.

    1. Oops! Thanks so much! I fixed it. I hope you enjoy it!


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