This is what I'm going to do...

After thinking this over and over and over and get it, right?
I will still honor Learning Montessori's win, when she gets ahold of me. 
BUT WAIT...I am so anxious to get started and give this to someone, I am going to pick another winner. 
So, here goes...

Gladys, you are the winner!!! I will send you an email so we can get started!!! YIPPEEEEEEE!

On another random note, we have been working on some units and activities I downloaded from some of you WONDERFUL teachers. 
I am so thankful that I have found so many different teachers who LOVE to BLOG! 
I will post some pictures soon...and a video! So excited!

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  1. Hey Beth-Ann! I have a surprise for you. Come on over :)

    Grade ONEderful


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