A week already?

Wow! Has it been a week already?

I was at the Literacy for All Conference, in Rhode Island, for the beginning of the week.

I did not want to be out of the classroom...(did I mention that I have the best class?).

But, I learned SOOOOO much at the conference. I am going to get my notes together over the weekend so I can share them with you. I think you will get some good things out of them.

One thing that stuck in my mind about the conference is... everyone is stressed by the CCS, RTI, Assessments, etc. It made me feel like we are not alone at our school. It's ok to be stressed out. There are published authors/teachers, professional educators, etc. that are as stressed as we are. It's not just our little school. We are not alone.

I guess I felt like the Whos on their speck of dust...alone in the universe. But, we are not.

More real information to come this weekend.

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