Three for Thursday

I wasn't able to get into my classroom and take some pictures because I won an entryway makeover from Real Simple magazine and they were at my house all week making over my entryway. I met some awesome people and WHAT a difference! I don't think I am allowed to post pictures but get the November issue. SOOOO exciting!

So I will go on to Three for Thursday....

Favorite Font
My favorite font has to be....

Favorite Blogs

There are so many that I check regularly. But, I have two favorite blogs that really got me into blogging.
Love, Love, Love them!

Favorite Online Resource

I know a lot of you have include this as your favorite online resource. I cannot get enough of it!

This is my new go to site for so many things!

I can't wait to read about your favorites!

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  1. Beth, Thanks for the sweet comment on our blog.


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