Science Leadership Meetings and Smithsonian Kits

Our BOCES district has taken the initiative to really get moving on the NGSS.
We have been meeting since last summer and have made some great progress.

Click the picture above to head on over and find a TON of information and resources.
It even has a parent guide that was recently added. :)

We have decided to use the Smithsonian Science Kits.
I am in LOVE with them. We have had training for kindergarten, first, and second grade so far. The rest of the elementary grades will be in the fall.

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine have a free download or you can purchase it.

It is such a wonderful resource to dig into the standards. 

So, today at our meeting, we are trying to decide what to do for the middle grades. Do we keep the same teachings for them where it is separated by grade level or do we spiral it keeping with the elementary model?
We have pretty much decided that it needs to be spiraled. Kids need a little of each part in order to keep it fresh in their minds.

What does that mean for our middle school teachers?
Well, we haven't quite figured that out yet. I think it is going to rock some of their worlds. They have been teaching one subject for so long. 
And then you add the HUGE engineering exploring and teaching in there. 

Have you dug into your Science Standards yet?
What are you doing?
Let's start a conversation. :)

Have a wonderful day!

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