Five for Friday

Happy Friday!
It's the first day of Spring Break for me! Woot Woot!

I'm linking up again with Kacey at Doodle Bugs Teaching.

We had a planned 2 hour delay yesterday. We had our last session with our Writing Workshop coach! Wow is she amazing!
We talked about strategic groups in Writing Workshop. I showed her my latest interest in my classroom. That is writing as much as we can...well this kind of backfired on me as my students were racing to see how many pages they could add to their story...not necessarily with great content. 
What a great strategic group lesson!
I went back to my classroom yesterday and had a talk with my many pages writers. We had a wonderful conversation about what we really want to be in our story and what good writers write in their stories. 

We got our notice that Vader's turn-in date is November 3rd. 

I continue my triathlon training with biking and swimming. I'll be running this Saturday in a race and have to get back into my running routine. 
At least my biking and swimming will be good. :)

My amazing colleague is turning 50 on Sunday. We decorated her door and had a black out for her. 
What a great day! 
Oh Yeah!! Did I mention that it was also PJ day!!!

We are watching all the birds on the Cornell Bird Cams.
This is our favorite by far!

I hope you had a great week!
Have a wonderful day!!!

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  1. What does "turn in date" mean for your dog? I can't remember clearly but I think I remember that you were raising him to be a service dog? How hard for your family but such a gift for someone else! Thank you for doing that for others.

    1. We are turning him in for intensive training. He will be trained for someone in need. It will be hard, but it's so worth it! :)


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