Calendar Time

Do you have a calendar time during the day?
We have ours right before math.

One student is the calendar leader at the SmartBoard and the other students sit on the rug. I have found they are not as engaged as I would like them to be. :)

Our Math Specialist and I sat down and decided that these were the most important things for first graders to work on and learn during calendar time.

As you can see, some are engaged, some are definitely not! :)

Here is what we came up with to get them involved at all times.

I print them back to back, so they only have two pages of paper. I would love for them to be on one, but they had a really hard time writing so small.

I print them out each day and they fill out the papers every day.
I am thinking about having them do it in pairs so that there is not so much paper involved.

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