True or False Practice

Do you find that your kiddos need more and more practice with True or False problems?
This is one of the hardest skills for my firsties to get.
I have worked with my firsties more on this skill this year and this is what helped them the most.

There are I can...statements for firsties to know what they are going to be learning about. 
I know mine are always wanting to know. You can also send these home to the parents. 
I wasn't positive about this, but then I got such a wonderful response that I am going to share these I can... statements on my newsletter. 
Not all of them. :) I will have to pick and choose so not to overwhelm them. :)

This is part of the worksheet. I have my kiddos work down and make another number sentence or "equal" sentence. They find it easier to look at this instead of all the numbers.

With the True or False Sort, students take each equation and sort it into the True or False pile. After they sort it, they record it on the recording sheet. If it is false, they have to make it true. 

I am excited to share this with you. 
It has helped in my class so much!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I agree that's a hard concept. Your unit looks like a fun way to practice!
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