Character Ed. Responsibility

We have a really great Character Education Program in our school.
In the past, the Character Education committee had done all the work for our assemblies and everything that goes with them.
This year, each grade level has to choose a trait and present at the opening and closing assemblies.
At first, our grade level was very nervous.
Then, of course, we started coming up with ideas and... that was that.

Our trait is Responsibility.

We will be showing an introduction video from The Magic School Bus series.

It's very cute and perfect for elementary school.

We are beginning a canned food drive for a local business. 
This is going to be a long assembly. :)

The first graders also made up a song about Responsibility. We will be using some sign language with it. My firsties love signing. 

Click on the picture above to download. :)

I'll let you know how the assembly goes. It's this Friday!

What do you do for Character Education?

Have a wonderful day!

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