An Entirely Different Year and a Big Thank You!

Although my part-time business of photography gets the best of me from August to the end of November, I am trying my best to write a little on my blog through this time.

I am having an entirely different year than last year.
Last year I was looking for new jobs, thinking about quitting, and did not want to go into work. At some point last year I had to decide that I was going to have to look for a different job or suck it up.

I applied for new jobs. This actually made me feel better. Like I had a little control of it.
Everyone feels this from time to time, right?
I decided that I just had to go in, do my best, and teach.

I should have been reading blogs. All of your blogs. I somehow forgot how positive and motivating browsing is. I remember now.
Thank you for helping me figure out that we all go through this. The one year that nothing seems to work.
I finished out the year with a positive attitude. Everyone, adults included, learned something last year. Whether it was how to work with really needy kiddos or how to work with adults who may not have the same ideas as you.
It was tough, but I learned a lot.

Onto this year. I am trying to blog more and really look at the amazing teachers that are out there.
So, thank you for all you do. You helped me keep my sanity last year, when I was reading blogs, and now knowing that you are all still here as positive as ever. :)

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