NonProfits Working in the Education Field

We are a small community, but we have a lot of help from companies and businesses around our area. One of ours is Project Cafe. It has a board consisting of community members. Some adults, but mostly teens. They run the show. 

Project Cafe is a student-directed non-profit organization promoting drug and alcohol free activities, music, art, community service, and scholarship in the Cazenovia area.
With strong community support and a wide array of programs involving youths and adults, Project Cafe is committed to improving the quality of life throughout the Cazenovia area in many unique ways.
Art: Our Art Committee puts together displays of a variety of local artists' work.  Each display last 1-3 months and helps showcase local talent.  It also helps to adorn the walls of Common Grounds
Community Service: Community Service is an important part of Project Cafe.  Members and friends have helped organized and participated in many activities including: 
  1. The Christmas Walk
  2. The Chilly Chili Run
  3. Halloween Cleanup
  4. Halloween Costume Exchange
  5. The Christmas Toy Shoppe
  6. Veterans' Day visit with veterans
  7. The Bridge Cleanup
  8. 9/11 Ceremony
  9. Crop Walk for Hunger
  10. Shoe Collection for Afganistan
  11. The Trail Cleanup 
Entertainment: Our Entertainment Committee provides events to bring the community together.
Some of these events include:
                             Talent Night at Common Grounds
                             Movies at the Park
                             Friday Night Bands at Common Grounds
                             Concerts in the Park
                             I like Oreos
Environment: This Committee is focused on creating programs that help the environment.
We are currently running two programs:
Ink Cartridge Recycling: DON'T THROW YOUR CARTRIDGES AWAY! We have recycling drop boxes located in each school (Burton Street, Green Street and the High School).
Reusable Water Bottles: Made of stainless steel, our water bottles are perfect for your sports teams or yourself. They are just $5.00 and can help save the planet!  Contact Project Cafe for more information on how to order.


Friend to Friend Student Youth Mentoring Program

Encouraging physical and emotional growth among a network of students through stable and trusting friendships
Project CAFE’s Friend to Friend Mentoring Program has taken off with tremendous success!  This mentoring program, started and run primarily by high school students involved with Project CAFE is focused on providing friendship, teaching leadership and promoting character in all students participating in the program.  This year the high school students serving as mentors are each paired with a student in fourth grade and are planning and enjoying activities individually as pairs and occasionally within a whole group setting.  Most recently, the entire group spent an afternoon together working on their own self portraits which include many details that tell about their individual dreams and interests. All works of art will be on display at Common Grounds in the upcoming weeks. If you are interested in being a part of the mentoring program you can email Project CAFE at

Here are some national nonprofit organizations.
What's in your area?
What does your community do/rely on for some extra help?

Nonprofit Supported: ARC
Individual or Organization: Gary Lipsky & Brad Lupien 

  • Founded by Gary Lipsky and Brad Lupien in order to foster learning in an out-of-school environment.
  • ARC is based in Southern California, and focuses on what they call “experiential learning”.
    • This method of education is taught by getting outside and learning by doing things. 
  • This initiative tries to introduce the participants and students to a world that they may not be accustomed with.

For More Information:

Nonprofit Supported: Adler Planetarium: Girls Do Hack
Individual or Organization: Misha Malyshev,Teza Technologies

  • This initiative targets young women who are not always considered for roles in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) industries.
  • With the help of Misha Malyshev, in association with the Adler Planetarium, Girls Do Hack gives young women a safe space to discover and be encouraged to learn and find their skills in these fields.
    • This event allows girls with shared interests to come together to learn outside of the classroom to enhance their curiosity in these fields. 

Nonprofit Supported: 826 National
Individual or Organization: Dave Eggers & Ninive Calegari
  • This nonprofit focuses on the literacy and learning issues of students
  • 826 National was founded by author Dave Eggers and educator Ninive Calegari
  • Their centers offer free programs including:
    • after school tutoring
    • field trips
    • creative workshops 

For More Information:

Though these are nationally recognized organizations, I would love to learn about local organizations in conjunction with these efforts. Nonprofits targeting the education system allow for continued growth and provide a competitive advantage for students.

Have a wonderful day!

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