14 Days and Counting

Hello All!
14 Days!
I know some of you are already out! Grrrr...
Just kidding. :) We have two full weeks and a few of those silly half days. I love what I did for the past few years, but I am looking to add some more this year. We did a countdown with balloons and without balloons (one of my firsts was obsessed and there is no way we would have made it through the day with balloons).
I want to do sidewalk chalk, bubbles, frisbees, and some other things. Any ideas would be so helpful. My class is VERY active!!!

We had a FUN FUN FUN field trip yesterday. After studying our community, we went for a "little" walk around town. We visited the Police Station, Court House, Fire Station, and Library. My firsties were AMAZING!!!

Did I tell you we walked the entire way!!!



Fire Station

Court House

Police Station

We followed it up with a picnic outside.
What an amazing day!!!

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