True/False Math Game/Activity

I am so excited to share this with you. 
We use Investigations in our school. I LOVE< LOVE>LOVE it!
There are many times in first grade when True/False activities come up. 
I don't think my firsties are that ready for it when it shows up. 
So, I created a product to help introduce True/False and practice the skill. 
My firsties know how to do this in a snap after working with this. :)
They LOVE it!

Students place all pieces face up. Student one chooses numbers to make an equation (either true or false) and places them on the sheet. Student two makes a decision whether it is true or false and chooses a T or F card. Both students decide if the answer is correct and record it on the recording sheet.

There are also practice sheets available. 

And some extension sheets. 

Head on over to grab it. 
Just for today, it's on SALE!

Have a wonderful day!

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