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 I am so excited to be linking up again for another product swap with Melissa from Jungle Learners.

Jungle Learners

I am so lucky!
I was matched with Ashley from The Weekly Sprinkle.
Just to tell you a little about Ashley:
1. She is so stinkin' cute!
2. Her writing is fabulous!
3. She LOVES her "littles"!

Interview with Ashley…
Me: "What are three things you like to do outside of school?"

Ashely: "Thrifting (may have just made that up)
I love to root through thrift stores and swap shops looking for a great deal."
I love to be outside at the beach or by the creek with my family. We are definitely all beach bums!"
I am a total do-it-yourself kind of girl. I am willing to try everything from computers, construction, crafts, and seeing. Anything crafty and I love it!"

Me: "What are three things you like about school?"

Ashley: "Kids
I am genuinely a person who loves kids and especially how funny and entertaining they can be!"
I love how each day you never know what you are going to get! There is always something new and fun to teach or the kids make it different and exciting, but each day is something new."
I am really a nerd and love learning. I think it is my type A personality, but how everything seems to come full circle and connect to other things just makes me happy!"

First of all…I want to be in Ashley's class. 
Second…I want Ashley to come and teach in my school. :)

I chose Ashley's Common and Proper Nouns PPT and Printables.

The PowerPoint is so easy to follow and fun to do on the SmartBoard.
My firsties loved going up to circle and cross out proper and common nouns. 

Another part of the powerpoint has some common and proper nouns to identify. I had the students stand if it was a proper noun (uppercase letter) and squat if it was a common noun (lowercase letter). It was a good way to get them moving. 

They loved the sheets that were available for reteaching/extension/practice. 

There are a variety of papers to print out to practice common and proper nouns.

I had been teaching this the week before. Ashley's powerpoint and papers helped my firsties to really understand and practice hands on activities to get it into their brains. 
They get it now! :)

So, now that you know all about the product… here's a chance to win it!!!

Don't forget to head on over to Ashley's blog to see her swap product. 
It's Still Winter (Math Common Core Standards)
You could win it or it is on sale until Tuesday!!!

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  1. Thank you for sharing a great post, I had a lot of fun reading it! It was fun getting to know both you and Ashley a little bit better, I love the questions you asked! Thanks for joining the swap!

    Jungle Learners


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