Time Flies

It can't be the seventh week of school. I am having a hard time with how fast this is going. I have the most amazing class. Learning-wise they are so diverse. From not being able to identify letters to reading at a third grade level. Well, that's first grade for ya! I love it!
 I have finally started my Guided Reading groups this week. I have 22 firsties in my class. This is the most I have ever had. I have five Guided Reading groups going. One of them I will see three times a week. The others I will see every day. It's going to be interesting.
How do you schedule your Guided Reading groups?
What is your routine?

I just bought these great TpT products from some amazing teachers.

I am so excited to use these activities, posters, and recording sheets. It is really going to help me be more productive and organized. 

I am going to start using them this week. I can't wait! I will let you know how it goes. :)

Have a wonderful day!

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