A Full Week…I don't know if I can do it! Interactive Modeling and Guided Discovery

I am ready for my second week of school…well, I think I am. I was exhausted after the first two days! I can't imagine what I will be like this week.
The good thing about this year is that I am reenergized, refocused, and rejuvenated.
I'll talk about that in another post. Right now I want to talk to you about Guided Discovery and Interactive Modeling.
Holy Moly! This has been so much better than last year.
AHA moment.
I was getting so upset with my kiddos last year when they couldn't log in on the computers. Even at the end of the year I had some. I started to think about it this summer during Responsive Classroom.
I had not taught them how to log in, put their headphones on, or log out. I was getting frustrated for something that I had not taught them.
This year I am teaching them EVERYTHING!!! My sister's mantra is "set them up for success". That is what I plan on doing this year.

Interactive Modeling is a straightforward, quickly paced, seven-step process that's effective for teaching children any academic or social skill, routine, or procedure that you want them to do in a specific way (whether for safety, efficiency, or other reasons). One of the essential practices of the Responsive Classroomapproach to teaching elementary school children, Interactive Modeling can be used by any adult anywhere in school at any time of year.
This is straight from the Responsive Classroom website.

So far we have completed Interactive Modeling/Guided Discovery with:
lining up
eating at lunch
attention grabbers
Unifix Cubes/Connecting Cubes
Power Polygons

So far, so good.

I am so excited about this year!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. So excited that this is working so well for you! Going to check the book out now! Have a happy school year!


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