First Day of Countdown

Hello All!
I hope you are enjoying your last days of school or are already relaxing in your summer vacation.
We have this week and a few days next week.
The good news is that I have all my report cards done and I am starting on my permanent records.
The bad news is that I am DONE and I can't imagine what my firsties feel like if I feel like this. :)
Anyway, we are dealing with some fun mixed in with our academic time.

Day 1 of our Countdown

Last year the kiddos popped a balloon and I had the activity scrolled up in the balloon with glitter. This year I have a firstie that cannot handle balloons. So, we decided to hide the activity in a box with glitter. The kids are still so excited about it!
Notice the glitter all over the carpet. I have not been scolded yet. :)

Our first day's activity was sidewalk chalk. The kiddos covered the blacktop with chalk. I love it!!!

Wait until tomorrow!!!
Have a wonderful day!

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