Countdown Day 3

Today was such a yucky day. It misted all morning and we weren't able to do our special surpass outside.
Oh Well! We had a shared iPad day. :)
My colleague and I got an iPad cart and had our firsties share iPads. They have never had to do this before. They have always had their own individual ones to use. Interesting. :)
There was only the sound of joyful chatter and iPads.
They had so much fun showing one another the apps they had already used.

Oh, did I mention that it was also mustache day?

We are going to start a trend…what do you think?

I mustache you a question...

Everyone loved it!

Team Kempf

I know it doesn't seem like it, but we are finishing up some academic stuff too. 
"The most important thing about first grade" book is coming soon!

Have a wonderful day!

There may be a surprise tomorrow on my FB page. :)

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