Wow! Has it really been almost two weeks? That's crazy! 
With getting my daughter off to college, trying to finish up my room, meeting with my new student teacher, getting my other kids to practice or games, cleaning out the attic to make an office, and family time (what's that?), I have been a little too busy to blog. 
Wow! That is a long list. 
Oh, and did I mention? I finished my graduate class. Phew!

I worked on a lot of Daily Five things this summer. 
The course I took was phenomenal. Who knew that I had been doing Daily Five wrong, not to mention not even understanding CAFE. 
I highly recommend taking this course if you are interested in Daily Five. I had been doing Daily Five in my classroom for three years. I have learned an amazing amount of material and taken away so much from this course.
Check out Upper Iowa University.
It's an online course. The instructors are very helpful and you get to have discussions with your colleagues. 

Here are some products I created while in the class. 
My room looks fabulous with all of these additions.
They are all free. Please contact me if you would like a different theme. 

Here's a little picture of what they look like in my room. 

A little crooked. :)

Banners and Card Titles

Click on the pictures to download. 

CAFE Posters

Click on the pictures to download.

Have a wonderful day!!!


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