Some Animal Shelter Fun

We had a visitor on Monday. She came with her two friends, Mia and Pebbles.
She talked to the kids about approaching a dog (never if you are alone or if there is no owner with it), how much it costs to raise a puppy or kitten, what to do if you see a stray, and how they "test" the animals to see if they are fit to be adopted.

Did you know that dogs can distinguish between ages? I had no idea! I thought I was pretty knowledgeable when it came to dogs.
Of course I had to "test" my poor little Rosie.

This is her last summer. Obviously, she is ok with kids under 2. But, put her with a man in a hat and she will cower until she becomes familiar with him.

I highly suggest bringing in someone from an animal shelter. They have a lot of wonderful information to share.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. That's a GREAT idea! I'm phoning the SPCA next week and see if I can tee up a visitor. Weird how I've never thought of doing that.
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