Currently February ALREADY???

Oh Yeah! Farley has her Currently up for February. 
One of my favorite things to do each month.

Well, the SU game didn't pan out like I would have hoped. Oh Well!!! 
Hopefully Monday will be better.

We had a two hour delay at first that turned into a whole snow day!!! YIPPPEEEE!

I have my formal observation coming up. Due to APPR (where are my fellow New Yorkers?) it has taken some of my colleagues up to 5 hours to write their lesson plans for their observation. 
So...I had better begin. :(

I think Phil may have given me a little hope for an early spring. 

I have been working on updating all of my TpT products. I have had such a great time looking them over and seeing how far I have come.

Pet Peeves:
 Slurping...UGH! I think my family has discovered that this is really one of mine and they are antagonizing me. Coffee, soup, hot chocolate, water, whatever, they need to slurp.
Denial...Why can't people take responsibility for their actions?
Judging...some people just can't make up their own minds about things.

One of the reasons why I love to visit other blogs is because everyone is so positive. Even when you (bloggers) are tired and going through so much, you always find something positive or ask for help. I LOVE it! You give me inspiration, hope, and happiness. 
I am so sappy sometimes!!!

Anyway, head on over to Farley's to check out what everyone else is doing!

Don't forget about the sale on Sunday and Monday!


  1. We have another peeve in common! The slurping noise... grrrr... I know how you feel! We had a snow day on Friday too! I'm your newest follower! Happy weekend!

    Tattling to the Teacher

  2. I know what you mean about visiting blogs and leave feeling inspired. Sometimes I go back and reread some posts, just for the encouragement.

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  3. Teaching Blog Traffic School is great so far. I have made it through the first 4 lessons and I have learned a lot. I think it will totally be worth the money!

    My Journey to 5th Grade

  4. Completely Agree with you about Judging. It's a pet peeve of mine too, even though I didn't write about it. We had our first Snow day on friday of the whole school year. Is it bad that I am hoping for one on Monday Too?

    Good Luck on your formal Lesson plans! 5 hour plans do not sound like fun!

    Primarily Au-some

  5. Look at your cutie Currently graphic with that shadow thing that I'm jealous of! ;O)

    All of our observations are a drop in. We don't get any notice. I can't imagine it taking 5 hours for one lesson. Yikes. You must have some kind of "fun "protocol there!!

    Collaboration Cuties

  6. I was hoping for a snow day myself this week...but we only got rain...which was MUCH needed. Hope you enjoyed your day off.

  7. I found a song from Music K-8 magazine called "I'd Rather Be Happy" and in the song the lyrics are "not gonna be whiney, judgy, gossipy, bad". All classes have talked about what it means to be judgmental and how it hurts our feelings when people do it to us and how we shouldn't do it to others...I hope to reach at least one student! Good luck on your formal observation!

  8. Hi there!
    So nice to meet you.
    I saw your post on Alyce's blog and I thought it would be wonderful to link up with another fellow first grade teacher!
    I enjoyed reading your currently!
    Stop by!


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