Magical Product Swap with Angelia

I participated in Mrs. Stanford's "Magical Product Swap". It was so great to get products from an amazing teacher and review them. The kiddos had sooo much fun!

I was matched up with Angelia from Extra Special Teaching.
Have you checked out her blog? It's amazing! She has so many ideas and products. 

The first product was "B and D Confusion Activities".

I took some of my firsties that have been having trouble with B and D.
They had so much fun!
First they covered all the b's on one page and all the d's on the other. I used buttons, but if I was going to give it to the whole class, I would use highlighters. How excited would they be?!?!

The second activity was to sort all the b's and d's as well as the b words and d words. Angelia included different fonts sot the kiddos can see the difference in the letters.

The next activity they did was to put the b or the d on the beginning of the word. Angelia did a fantastic job of finding pictures to go with the words.

The last activity consisted of writing some of the b and d words on the recording sheet.

This bundle of activities was fun and meaningful. It had direct instruction on how to use every activity. The font was clear and there was a culminating activity which brought the whole thing together. 
My kids LOVED it!

Have I told you how wonderful Angelia is???!!!???
Well, she sent me not only one product...BUT TWO!!!
She is so sweet!

This little activity is a Sight Word Game.

This is a game where the students take turn choosing a card and reading the word on the card. If they read the word correctly, they get to keep the card. If they do not read the word correctly, they have to put it in the bottom of the pile.
There are special card in the deck too! My kiddos loved finding these! :)

When they finished. The got to choose some sight words and write them on the recording sheet. For them to be able to choose the words was such a motivation for them.

Once again, Angelia makes this product fun and meaningful for my firsties. She has included graphics that the students love to look at and has included a few surprises they totally enjoyed. 

Thank you so much to Jessica for hosting this Product Swap and working so hard to pair up the teachers. 

Also, thanks to Angelia for swapping with me and making such wonderful products!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks for the great pictures on Angelia's b and d unit. I am going to grab it:)

    The Resourceful Apple

  2. Thanks for sharing about the B and D Confusion packet. I have several children who will enjoy using it.
    First Grade Carousel


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