Little Learning Lovies and a Freebie

Have you RSVP'd yet? 

"Come join us for an hour of online fun at the Little Learning Lovies Facebook Page! We'll be chatting about ways to chase those terrible winter blues away, especially concerning home educating, how to bring on more fun all the year round and how games and activities do more than just disguise drill practice. We'll also be having specials, sales, giveaways, contests, freebies and more, all packed into that hour."

I am going. Let's just see if I can stay up that late! :)
Hope to see you there!

My freebie to you in one of my Making Words Activities for Valentine's Day.

This activity has all the letters from SWEETHEART.
Make them into whatever work you wish.
You can work on word-families, small words, bigger words, plural words, etc.
This can be used as a whole group activity, small group (think Guided Reading), or put into a Literacy Center/Daily 5.
My firsties LOVE it when I pull out Making Words!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. This packet is so stinkin' cute!! Thank you so much!! I've already printed it and I just need to laminate it!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. You're so sweet! I love saying stinkin' cute! :)


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