Project Based Learning Day 2

We had a week break in between the first two sessions. It was enough time for us to get our homework done and really think about our projects. 

The second day started out with us making a poster of our project.

Then we went around and did the activity "I like..., I wonder...". I did not realize how powerful this was until I sat down and reflected on my project and their critiques.

We had to sit down and look at all the sticky notes we had on our poster. 

These comments made me think more than if I reflected on it on my own.
These are the notes I took from my colleagues comments.

We talked about Voice and Choice and Building 21st Century Skills.
Then we were given some time to work on our projects.

I learned so much! I don't go back until January 16th. At that time, I am suppose to have almost everything done. I have a lot of work to do!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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