October in Review

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Here is our October in Pictures...

We did Daily 5...Listen to Reading.

We harvested from our classroom garden.
It wasn't much but it was SOMETHING!!!

We Read the Room.

We added a little ZING to our classroom.

We worked on the SmartBoard.

We "looked closely" at our writing.

We dressed up.

We estimated and counted seeds.

We were grateful to our Ag Buddies that we could even get this much from our garden!
Yes, that is a zucchini and a cell phone. :)

We worked hard at counting.

We scooped out guts!

We were Pirates! Arrrrrrhhhh!

We helped student teachers.

We had fun!

We learned more about our FIVE SENSES.

We got messy.

We watched a parade.

We worked with our second grade friends.

We love October!


  1. Great activities and pictures! We never got to carving a pumpkin this year and I am disappointed at all the fun and relavent learning we missed out on!

    The Resourceful Apple

    1. Luckily, I work with my wonderful colleague who is the mastermind behind the Science and Math! :)
      She guts them with the kids.

  2. Love the pictures. Great zing and I'm loving the garden pictures. I wish we had a garden like that;)You looked too cute as a pirate.

    1. We keep getting a little more each year in our garden. We have our FFA high schoolers helping us out!

  3. I love the weeks in pictures! Our garden didn't produce one veggie, but it's still sunny here in California, so we are keeping the hope alive! Congrats on your veggies! Looks like a great few weeks of fabulous fun!

    Adventures in Mrs. Martin’s Room

    1. Thanks for commenting! :)
      I hope you get something from your garden. It was a rough season here too!

  4. What a great month!! Pumpkins are a little pricey here, we didn't even carve one at my house:( Love the parade picture!!

    Surfin' Through Second

    1. Interesting! I wouldn't have thought of them being expensive in places. They are so abundant here.


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