Writing Workshop/ Freebie #4

Personal Narratives

I am having a hard time with talking about getting away from Personal Narratives due to the Common Core Standards.
I am not sure we are deciphering it the way it should be. I know we have to write "opinion" pieces, "how to" books, and "informational" pieces. But these first graders are experts at one thing...THEMSELVES.
What happens in their lives is so important. More important than anything else. How can they write about other things?

As I am looking at the Common Core Standards, I do not see where it says NOT to teach, experience, enhance, or improve our Personal Narrative writing.

So, I am going to continue to teach it with GUSTO!!!
I think this leads to all the other things we have to teach them in first grade. 


OK, so now that I have that off my chest. How do you teach first graders to write Personal Narratives?
I write about something that has happened to me every day.
We talk about what our writing should "look like" and "sound like".
I have tried writing on the SmartBoard, but I like writing on my chart paper. That way the kiddos feel like I am one of them.


Here are your freebies for today.

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  1. I'm enjoying your writing series, Beth Ann, and all your freebies.
    I model lots of personal writing, too. We actually do way more of this than anything else. Hoping to branch out next year.

    Grade ONEderful
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