Writing Workshop/ Freebie #2

One of my favorite lessons in Writing Workshop is the "Seed vs. Watermelon" lesson. 
We have so much fun comparing things that are small and things that are big. 

We write down everything we have done in the past year? 
Is that a good story?
No, what would make it better?
We take one thing that has happened to us and make it into a story with great detail.

Where do our ideas come from? 
What do good writers do when they have a "seed" idea?
Where do published writers get their ideas?

I just came across this FABULOUS blog that has MANY ideas for Writing Workshop.
Colleen, from Totally Terrific in Texas, has some AMAZING ideas!
Head on over to check them out!


What a great idea!!!
I am definitely using this.

Here are your freebies for the day! 

Have a wonderful day!

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