Words Their Way Freebie #3

Here we go...
Wednesday: Buddy Sort

Before beginning Daily 5 on Wednesdays, my firsties have to do their Buddy Sort.

They pair up with a partner in their Words Their Way group and get set to work.
They can quiz each other by asking what words or pictures belong with a feature or they can ask their partners what feature a certain word or picture belongs in.

I have them record their work with their buddy on their recording sheets.
They LOVE to give their "tests" to their buddies.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Hello! My school is just adopting Words Their Way so I am gathering all the resources I can to try and plan my path forward! :) I tried to get the google Doc of your WTW Freebie #3 Buddy Sort, but it keeps sending me an error message. Is there somewhere else I could download that wonderful freebie?



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