Linky Party...Monday Must-Haves

What a great Linky Party!
I am so excited to be linking up with Blog Hoppin' this week.
Ok, things I MUST have in my classroom.
Well, I didn't know it before, but I must have a laminator in my classroom. 
It has saved me so much time!

Mr. Sketch Markers
skinny and chisel tip
I {{{HEART}}} these markers!

My SmartBoard

My MacBook Pro.

My camera.
Canon Rebel T3

and...of course my kiddos!!!

What do you HAVE to have in your classroom?


  1. LOVE your bird walking across the bottom of your blog posts. I'm feeling a little jealous of your must haves! Alright, I'm feeling a little jealous over all of them except my kiddos!! I even wish I had that cat!
    Owl Things First

  2. Must have wonderful staff to work with. Love your post.


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