Problem with Google Chrome and GIVEAWAY!!!!!!

Well, I was so disappointed that I couldn't enter any of the giveaways or comment on anything this weekend. I almost gave up. :(
There must be something wrong with my Google Chrome. When I am on any blog it lets me see almost everything except followers. It is showing the "edit" button on all blogs. Don't worry I can't edit any of your blogs. I clicked on it to see what it did and it says I don't have permission to do that. 
I can't comment on anything. It shows either nothing or the whole post in the comment box. 
I was so frustrated!!!!

So, I got onto my other browser and voila!!!! Everything is fine. I am not sure what's going on with my Google Chrome, but I won't be using it for a while!

So now I have some fun news.
Starting tomorrow, EIGHT wonderful bloggers are joining me for a Summer Giveaway!!!

Tune in tomorrow!!!


  1. I had to switch from safari to firefox the other day...glad you're starting to figure it out, but what a pain!

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

    1. It's weird. It just happened out of the blue. Thanks for your help. :)


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