Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!!!

I am so excited for today. We are going to have a Diffendooffer Day!
Cheryl, at Primary Graffiti, had this AMAZING idea to have a Diffendoofer Day. 

My kids LOVE this book.
 I am so drawn to it now that things are going the way they are with tests and schools and such...well, anyway back to Diffendoofer Day!
We are all going to dress up like a student would who attended Diffendoofer School. I will definitely be posting pictures later. 

We are also celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday, of course!
I found some awesome ideas on Pinterest.

Here are mine. Taken with my iPhone at 5am. Please don't judge :)

It was so much fun to open the fridge this morning and find all the FISH!

And here are my square? Green Eggs and Ham!
Do you think they will notice? Ha!

We made Thing 1 and Thing 2 yesterday. I cannot wait to show you how these turned out!

We took this idea and paired it with Mel's Freebie.

I hope you all have a Diffendoofer sort of day!


  1. I love that your background is all Truffula tress so cute. I'm super jealous of your fish in the jello. That was my plan for my kids today but I searched the grocery store high and low for gummy fish and had no luck. The joys of living in a small town. I ended up making red jello and getting cool whip. We're going to make Cat in the hat parfaits. We're reading the Lorax today and we're also going to make Truffula trees out of easter grass and Lorax mustaches. I might or might not be obessessed with mustaches. Have a seusstatic day!

  2. You guys are gonna have a blast:)

    Grade ONEderful

  3. Your snacks turned out great! I'll bet the kiddos had a great time!


  4. Great background! Looks like you had a fun fun day!


  5. Your snacks look awesome! Sweedish fish are my favorite candy ever, so I think I may be making that next year. :) http://thefabulousworldoffirstgrade.blogspot.com/


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