Common Core Standards

I feel like I have a grip on ELA part of the Common Core Standards. We are having another Staff Development day to really get a firmer understanding of the ELA Standards. 

 It will also be the first day that we are going to work on the Math Common Core Standards (UH OH!). Our Math Specialist has been asking and asking. I think they wanted to focus on the ELA so we weren't so overwhelmed with both. 

I am lucky I have been taking a look at all of the wonderful resources out there (meaning all of you) and have a better understanding of this than most in our district (at least for a first grade teacher). 

I am wondering how your districts are helping you out with learning and implementing the Common Core Standards in your classrooms. I would LOVE to hear all about it!


  1. That is so nice thanks for sharing..

  2. The best advice I can give you is not to stress so much over implementation. We rolled out K and 1 this year and it has been ok, just ok. I have some items I can try to email you to help you with math and I also have a lot of reading stuff, since I am the go-to person at my school.
    I was lucky enough to be chosen as a member of a team of 24 teachers in Florida to work on formative assessments for the ELA standards. A lot of the info is confidential, but I can guide you in the direction that you need. You can email me and I will try to help in anyway I can.

    Faithful in First

  3. I went to a district meeting last week. Our district is taking it slowly. We are doing reading next year and math the year after. I'm anxious to read your comments and see what others have to offer. I love this blog world. I feel like I have the whole world to collaborate with.

  4. We will be implementing both ELA & Math next year, so our county hired an Assessment for Learning/Common Core person from our local RESA/State Dept. to lead what we call "The Model Classroom." One teacher from each grade level from our school & others in our small county have attended several sessions (will have 9 in all) this year. We are working on unit plans and how to tie AFL strategies, etc. into the new standards. In addition to this, we will take the units we are creating & meet with our grade levels in April to match what we have with the frameworks that will be coming out. We have just recently begun taking half days to get together with all the teachers in our grade level in the county to begin decomposing the standards & talking about what they mean and creating 'I can.." statements with each... we did a little with ELA & a little with Math so far... we have more of those scheduled until the end of the year... Best of luck.. I am nervous about how it will all work out next year!!!

    Two Fulbright Hugs
    Two Fulbright Hugs


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