Common Core Standards: Staff Development Day

I have so much information running around in my head. 
We had a very productive day yesterday. 
We had a person from BOCES come in and work on the Common Core Standards. ELA in the morning and Math in the afternoon. We have been working a little on the ELA, so we got into a little more depth. The last time we worked on the ELA part of the CCS, we made up this unit that we, as as first grade team, will probably never use. It wasn't really worth our time. It did get us thinking about how to work with the documents and get more information about the six shifts, but we created something that was not very useful. We have learned more about how to use the CCS and integrate them into our curriculum. 
Yesterday we chose our "Power Standards" and then picked a unit to work with. We chose "Authors as Mentors". It worked well.
We had math in the afternoon and barely scratched the surface there.
At least we don't have to choose what we think to be the most important standards. I feel much more confident with the math standards. We are getting an "extra" unit to help us along with what has been added and taken away. 
Thanks to all of you who responded to my cry for help the other day. I will be contacting you to ask you some questions. 
I really feel that I would not be as prepared if it weren't for the community of bloggers. For that, I thank you so much!
Off to enjoy the rest of this beautiful weekend!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Have you seen the curriculum that Larissa has created for kindergarten and first grade in writing that aligns with CCS? She did a wonderful job and it has everything!! Check it out at We loved it at our school and plan to use it.


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