A Day In My Shoes

Katie, over at, Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher is hosting a linky party. Head on over to check out what a "typical" day looks like. I have had so much fun reading these!

Here is a typical day of mine.

4:45 - Alarm goes off.
4:47 - Head downstairs to make coffee, restart fire in wood stove, and turn dryer on.
4:50 - Sit down to stalk visit blogs. Drink coffee, refill, etc.
5:45 - Alarm goes off. Into the shower.
6:00 - Get everyone else up.
7:00 - Alarm goes off. "Let's go! Into the car."
7:05 - Alarm goes off. "Come on, let's go."
7:10 - Alarm goes off. "GET IN THE CAR!" ( I have a watch with three alarms. The kids LOVE it! :)
7:12 - Driving to school. Figuring out what everyone is doing after school.
7:25 - Drop kids off at their school.
7:30 - Arrive at mine. Get morning things ready. Tidy up a bit before they come in.
7:50 - Kiddos come in. Morning Work.
8:03 - Announcements and Pledge.
8:05 - Morning Meeting
8:25 - Calendar
8:35 - Writing Workshop
9:05 - Academy Time
9:35 - Daily 5/Guided Reading
10:35 - Get ready for lunch.
10:50 - Lunch
11:20 - Recess
11:55 - Math
12:40 - Specials/ Science/ Social Studies
1:40 - Snack/ Read-Aloud
1:50 - Word Work
2:15 - Get Ready for Dismissal
2:25 - Dismissal
(During the day, many of my kids get pulled out for many different things. I have two TA's working in my classroom and I just got my new student teacher yesterday. That's a lot of people!)
2:30 - Write Morning Message for tomorrow.
2:40 - Tidy up. Get things ready for tomorrow.
3:30 - Go to pick up my kids.
3:45 - Home, take care of chickens, dogs, restart the fire.
4:00 - Help with homework, blog, stalk, check emails.
4:45 - Get dinner started.
5:30 - Eat dinner.
Drive kids to where they need to be. Play rehearsal, softball, soccer, piano lessons, jobs, etc.
9:30 - Not the ultimate time for a workout...but I'll take it. Body Rock.
10:30 - Bed/ Reading/ Watching some old TV show.

This is a typical day for me. It took a lot longer to write than I thought it would. Boy do we all pack in a lot during the day.

Enjoy your day!


  1. You work out at 9:30? Wow, I wish I could be that motivated! =)
    First Grade Blue SKies

  2. I wish that I had 2 paras that worked in my room all of the time! I cannot wait to have a student teacher one day either!

    Thanks for linking up!
    Miss Klohn
    Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

    1. I am very excited for her to be with us. She starts out with two days a week until March and then full time. I get her for the whole semester.

  3. I'm thankful my kids are still little enough to be excluded from after-school activities and homework. I'm not sure I could leave at 3:30 every day. Won't be long though, my oldest is four.

  4. Wow! You have a very early start to your day. I'm up by 7:00 and even that's a struggle -- ha ha.

    Grade ONEderful

    1. Up by 7? Wow. What time do you start school?

  5. I just posted to the linky party as a result of your post and linked to your page too in my post. Thanks, this is fun. A workout is the one thing that always seems to elude me. We do a group workout as school on Wednesdays after school, but I don't think the one day a week really cuts it. ;)


  6. I think my husband would get me one of those watches if he could. (Don't tell him though!)

    2B Honey Bunch
    The Best Endings


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