Catching the Wave

This morning we had our monthly assembly for Character Education.
Our focus was Responsibility. 

We had many students "Catch the Wave". They can "Catch the Wave" by doing great things everyday. We pin a yellow clothespin on them that says "I caught the wave!". 

They can take these home and show their parents. It's something for students and teachers to comment on during the day.
During the assembly, we award the "Big Kahuna". 
Parents, community members, and others can nominate students when they see them "Catching the Wave". 

It is such a great opportunity for kids to be noticed that sometimes are not everyday. 

How do you incorporate Character Education in your school? 
I would love to hear from you.

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  1. What a fun promising practice! You should apply for a promising practice award with the Character Education Partnership ( - this is such a fun ripple-effect way to create a caring climate!!

    What a blessing to be part of your wave of love!



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