It's like Christmas AFTER Christmas!

Have you seen all the giveaways?
Oh My Goodness!!!!!

Kelly, over at Busy in K
is giving away 

She says, "I have been teaching for 18 years and so far, this sharpener is "all that"! It is the quietest sharpener I have had in my room. I truly do not know how many electric sharpeners I have gone through, but this one has staying power for sure! Another thing I really like about this sharpener is that my students just put their pencil in and turn the handle and they have a sharpened pencil. Yes, it is just like that!"
Check out her cute!

Kristen, over at Ladybug's Teacher Files,
is giving away a blog design. 

This one I wanted to keep for myself. 
But, there are one of three designs to win. 
She is so talented. 
Go over and check out her site.

I would LOVE< LOVE>LOVE the Shutterbug Schoolteacher design.

Erica, over at The Honey Bunch
is giving away a car sticker that reads, "I'm a teacher! What's your super power?" and a mystery item. OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!

I just found her site. I can't wait to explore!

Courtney, over at Swimming into Second,
has reached 400 followers! WOW!!!
She is giving away a $25 gift certificate to TPT. YAHOOOO!

She has some great stuff over there. I put the Common Core Standards (Student Version) on my wish list. 

is giving away a $20 gift certificate to HoBbY LoBbY!

Who couldn't use that!!!
They have so many fantastic ideas!
Caitlyn, at Kindergarten Smiles,
is giving away ALL of her units on her TPT store. 
ALL of her units!!!! Did you see that?


She is trying to get to 300 by the end of the year. Right now she is at 274. Let's help her out!
Diane and Kelly, at Made for First Grade
are having a whole bunch of giveaways. The first one is a set of their winter themed centers!!! Three of them. Woo Hoo!

They look so cute!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks for blogging about this Beth Ann!!! You are so sweet! Best of luck in all of the giveaways :)

  2. Beth Ann, thanks for the shout out about the giveaway. I am a new follower!
    2B Honey Bunch

  3. Be sure to leave another comment for blogging about the giveaway...that counts for two!
    2B Honey Bunch

  4. well that pencil sharpener looks way cool...I have a real thing about pencils and kids sharpening them...I guess everyone needs something. haha
    Happy New Year!

  5. Beth Ann,
    Thank you again for the Liebster Award. I just posted about it. I've been a little slow with my posts this year. I have a lot to say but no time to say it. I just love all of your stuff. Thanks again.

  6. Sen me your email so I can add you to the book blog contributor's list.
    2B Honey Bunch

  7. Wow those are amazing units and how nice of you to help her out!

    Check out my blog!


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