Literacy for All (Day 2)

The first Keynote speaker was Ruth Culham.
She was fantastic!

Traits of Writing is such a great compliment to the writing program we are using now.

We use the Units of Study. I stick straight to the book. I found I have to change some things. I do not run across the Brooklyn Bridge. That's another story for another time.

I really want to look into her new book. It looks very user-friendly. If you have looked into the Common Core Standards (who hasn't been bombarded with these?) the traits are imbedded in them. AH-HA!!!

The next session I went to is not worth talking about. (At least I only had two of them!)

The last session was called "Picturing Writing". If you haven't heard of this, you should look into it. It is a program developed at the University of New Hampshire. It starts the kids out with painting before their writing. Now, this knocked me over. What drawing, coloring, making something pretty BEFORE they write.....that can't happen!!!!

Well, I am trying it and they are already writing with MUCH better DETAILS!!!! Oh, I am so excited! I am going to apply for a grant so that I can go up to UNH and learn more about this in the summer.

That was my experience at the Literacy for All Conference. I learned a whole lot and am already applying a lot of it to my teaching.

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