Race to the Top (Freebie)

I know a lot of you have a Race to the Top game for sight words. I wanted to jazz mine up a bit for the kids. I made them a little seasonal based on the weeks we have chosen for the words.

Before I implemented the Daily 5 this year, I had them work on these in a Center. You can have them do these individually or in groups. I thought I might even put the dice up on my Smart Board.

I will have them work on these during Work on Words in Daily 5. I am going to try this out for the first time this week. I will let you know how it goes.

Click below the picture for the download. Could you let me know if you download this and the pictures are still pixely? They sure don't look it when I make the document and then when I upload them to Google Docs, they look all grainy.

Beth Ann

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  1. I just discovered your blog. You have some wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing!!! I am not able to download this file. It says that I do not have permission?... whatever that means.

    First Grade Delight


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