I am having a DIFFICULT time uploading my Thanksgiving Unit to Google Docs! Every time I do it, it looks horrible. At least the images do. They are all "pixely". I don't understand.

Can anyone help me out?

I wanted to share my new Unit because I finally have 20 followers! WOW!!!

I have a really cute unit to share and the way that it is uploading makes it look horrible.


  1. Have you made it into a pdf first? That should help. I use cutepdf to make my pdfs. It's free online. Good luck. Lori

    Little Priorities

  2. I wish I could help you out! I'm just learning myself. Good Luck!

    First Grade Delight

  3. Thanks Lori! I am going to try that right now.

  4. Thanks for the help. Since I am working from a MAC, I had to export into a PDF and then it worked fine. Thanks for the help!


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