Dr. Seuss's Birthday

My colleague Linda and I celebrated Dr. Seuss's birthday last Wednesday. We had so much fun. Our classes got together and paired up second graders and first graders. We had some stations, but for themost part they could work on their own. AND THEY DID! I can't imagine how much fun they had because Linda and I had a blast. The kids worked for almost two hours.

We downloaded this FANTASTIC unit from Rachelle Smith's whattheteacherwantsblogspot.com I highly recommend visiting her site.
They played with Oobleck, worked on goldfish patterns and graphs, made up some "new" animals, and so much more.We are planning on getting together at least once a month. It is hard to make time for fun learning. That is one of our goals this year.

"If you never did You should. These things are fun. and Fun is good."
One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

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